31 May - 3 June 2016 | Tue – Fri

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Conference Highlights

CommunicAsia2016 Summit

“An average of roughly four of today’s top 10 incumbents (in terms of market share) in each industry will be displaced by digital disruption in the next five years.”

Digital Vortex, How Digital Disruption is Redefining Industries, Global Center for Digital Business Transformation, June 2015

Challenging it may seem for the incumbents; the report states that only 25% of the executives are willing to be digitally disrupted, presenting two inferences: the market has yet to fully understand the implications of digital disruption and there are opportunities for the early disruption embracers.

Acknowledging the need for creating meaningful discussions on digital transformation and disruption, CommunicAsia2016 Summit features new, case study filled conference tracks and site visits / master classes over 4 days of intense learning and networking.

Key Trends Covered in 2016

Ever in continuous dialogue with the global ICT industry, CommunicAsia2016 Summit features the following new tracks / sessions in addressing the disruptive trends:

Conference Schedule at a Glance

Connecting the Future Now
Conference Day 1: 31 May 2016 (Tuesday)
Opening Keynote: Connecting the Unconnected
Plenary Panel Discussion: Connecting the Next 3 billion People
Sustainable Business Strategies for Operators

  • Broadband Regulatory Trends, Rollout Frameworks and Investments in APAC
  • Delivering Inexpensive and Reliable Internet Access
  • Developing Standards for Maturing Countries
  • Broadband in Asia-Pacific: How Partnerships and Policy are Driving A Global Success Story
  • Content Strategies for Operators
Enterprise Digital Transformation
Innovating to Digitalise

  • Transforming Your C-Suite into Digitally-Enabled Leadership
  • Harnessing Digital Disruption in Enterprises
  • Outthinking Disruption: Path to Grow and Riches for the Bold
  • Cloud Transformation as Key Driver to Digital Innovation
  • Driving Digital Transformation in the Application Economy
Satellite Communications
The Deployment Forum

  • Where to Invest Next?
  • Successful HTS Monetisation Business Models
  • Deployment Showcase: Learning from Leaders in Europe and US
  • GEO HTS/ LEO HTS Showcase: Opportunities Challenges, Investments Across this New Space
  • Customising the Spot Beams and Frequency Reuse to Deliver Lower Cost per Mbps and Increase ARPUs
Smart Cities
Secure and Liveable Cities through Smart ICT

  • Canvassing the New Urban: Smart Cities and The Internet of Right Things
  • Smart Leaders Panel on Smart Cities
  • Designing the Smart Green Built Environment
  • Smart Solutions to Existing Densely Populated Cities
  • IoT Integration and Resultant Data Analytics for Smarter Cities
Conference Day 2: 1 June 2016 (Wednesday): Joint Plenary with BroadcastAsia2016
Opening Address: IDA
Visionary Address: The Next 5 years in Global Digital Transformation
Thought Leaders Panel: New Media Opportunities: Collaborating in a Disruptive Phase
Wireless Deployments and Initiatives

  • Leading the Industry Transformation Towards 5G
  • LTE Opportunities for Operators
  • An Ultra Broadband Network Architecture
  • Critical Spectrum Issues following WRC-15
  • Investment Options for Broadband Infrastructure in Asia
Enterprise Mobility
Communicating with the Mobile Workforce

  • Driving Business Advantage with Digital Transformation
  • Creating an Engaging Enterprise Mobility Strategy
  • Unified Communications in Analysing Impacts on EMM
  • Understanding the Changing Dynamics of EM
  • Employee Performance Measurement and Efficient EM Tools
Cloud Networking and Big Data Analytics
Driving Efficiency through Smart Data

  • Analytical Capabilities and Cloud Architecture
  • Real time and Predictive Data Analytics
  • Getting the Best Out of Data Analytics Investment
  • Real Time and Predictive Data Analytics
  • Data Analytics as a Service (DAaaS): How Implementable is the Concept?
The Industrial Internet of Things
Operationalising the Intelligence

  • Industrial Internet of Things Strategy
  • Industrial IoT Markets – Opportunities and the Growing Segments
  • Advancing IOT Innovations
  • Addressing Latency and Bandwidth Challenges while Integrating IIoT
  • The Road Ahead for Industrial IoT Integration
Conference Day 3: 2 June 2016 (Thursday)
Opening Keynote: Embracing Digital Disruption
Innovators Dialogue: Digital Disruption
Optimising the Network Architecture

  • Hyper-Scale Cloud and Dynamic Service Chaining of NFV for Consumer-Friendly Applications
  • Monetising Models of NFV
  • Efficient Extension of SDN & NFV Capabilities into the Optical Layer
  • On-Demand Provisioning of NF
  • Enabling Digital Transformation through Network Intelligence
Enterprise Cybersecurity
Securing for Sustainable Growth

  • Countering Cyber and Cyberphysical Threats
  • Infrastructure, Protocol and Network Security Challenges
  • Achieving Secure Enterprise Architecture
  • Cyber Security Education Awareness and Training for your Enterprise
  • Next Generation Security for Telcos and ISPs
Cloud Networking and Big Data Analytics
Driving Efficiency through Smart Data

  • Scaling Business Operations through Cloud
  • Interoperable and Portable Cloud Infrastructure
  • Security and Privacy : Big Data in Enterprises
  • New Paradigms for Data Mining
  • Big Data and “Deep-Learning”
The Consumer Internet of Things
Creating the Innovative Ecosystem

  • The Road to Monetising IoT
  • Empowering the Industry through Enhanced Connectivity
  • Harnessing the Power of the Connected Aircraft
  • Getting Ready for Billions of New Smart Devices
  • Understanding Infrastructure Needs for a Faster CIoT Adoption
Post-Conference Workshops: 3 June 2016 (Friday) – 09.00AM – 12.15PM
Workshop 1
Enterprise App Development
Workshop 2
Addressing Black Hat Threats and Enhancing Cyberphysical Security
Workshop 3
IoT Integration and Data Analytics for Smarter Cities
Site Visits: 3 June 2016 (Friday) – 02.00PM – 05.00PM
Encompass Asia (Teleporting Facility) National Super Computing Centre (NSCC)
Coupled with 3 Workshops and 2 Site Visits, you can be sure of your comprehensive learning of the ICT industry at CommunicAsia2016 Summit.

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